System Components

System Components


The most comprehensive range of reliable high-pressure valves and systems components in the industry.

Haskel’s high-pressure valves and system components are rugged, durable and built for reliability. When it comes to critical systems, customers trust Haskel high-pressure valves, components.

Haskel has built a solid reputation as the world’s leader in high-pressure generation and containment. We offer the most comprehensive range of high-pressure valves and systems components in the industry, with the reliability typical of a robust Haskel design.


  • Robust design
  • Reliable performance
  • Long service life in critical or demanding applications


Below, a sample circuit that demonstrates Haskel’s broad product offering to generate, control or store pressure and produce flow as needed for most any liquid or gas system.


Haskel components:
  • Liquid Pump or Gas Booster
  • Air Drive Controls (filter, regulator, ball valve)
  • Inlet/Outlet liquid or Gas Filters
  • Inlet/Outlet Air Pilot Switches
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Inlet/Outlet Pressure Gauges
  • Accumulator
  • Receiver
  • Directional Control/Release Valve
  • Reservoir
  • Check Valve
  • High Pressure fittings (BuTech)
Optimizing System Model

Models & Specifications

Stainless Steel Check Valves

Suitable for liquid or gas service, robust and reliable in arduous service. Constructed of 316 Stainless Steel for high corrosion resistance.

Air Pilot Switches

Produce a pneumatic signal up to 150 psi at any sensing pressure within adjustment range.

Air Operated Release Valves

Offer virtually zero leakage at high pressures with low viscosity fluids.

Regulating Relief Valves

For accurate regulation of high pressure at low flow with zero “chatter.”

Hydraulic Accumulators and Gas Receivers

For use with Haskel high-pressure hydraulic pumps or gas boosters, and as backup gas storage for Haskel accumulators.


Designed as the final protection with gas boosters handling purified gases, or with liquid pumps handling pre-filtered clean liquids.

Plenum Chambers

Small tubular all AISI 300 series stainless steel. Used in air amplifier and gas booster assemblies to dampen pulsation between stages.

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