Air Driven Gas Boosters

Pneumatic-Driven Gas Boosters

A flexible and efficient air-driven gas booster for delivering high-pressure gases.

Haskel designs and manufactures gas boosters that are the industry benchmark for durability, safety and reliability. Used for virtually all industrial gases and ideal for gas pressure increases, high pressure gas transference, cylinder charging, and scavenging, Haskel pneumatic-driven gas boosters can produce pressures up to 39,000 psi (2690 bar).

Our global reputation of providing the most reliable gas boosters in various industries is backed by a global network of high pressure expertise, service and support.


Proven to be safe, robust, reliable, compact, and easy to maintain, Haskel pneumatic-driven gas boosters provide a number of operational benefits

  • Safe pneumatic operation – no heat, flame or spark risk
  • Infinitely variable cycling speed and output
  • Pressures of up to 39,000 psi (2690 bar)
  • Easy to apply automatic controls
  • No limit or adverse effect to continuous stop/start applications
  • Seal systems designed for long working life
  • No airline lubricator required
  • Hydrocarbon free –separation between air and gas sections
  • Built-in cooling rapidly cools the compressed gas
  • Single, double acting, and two-stage models
  • Ability to stall at any predetermined pressure and hold the fixed pressure without consuming power or generating heat


Haskel’s pneumatic gas boosters are ideally suited for gas pressure increases, high-pressure gas transference, cylinder charging, and scavenging. Other applications include:

  • Argon Cooling
  • Accumulator Charging
  • Air Start Systems
  • Air Bag Cylinder Fill
  • Calibration
  • Charging Vehicle Suspension
  • Systems
  • Charging Aircraft Landing Gear
  • Charging Infrared Missile Cooling System
  • Charging Gun Recoil Mechanism
  • Down Hole Upstream Pressure Equalization
  • Fuel Cell Research
  • Fuel Tank Blanketing
  • Gas Blanketing Critical Areas
  • Helium Recovery
  • Helium Leak Detection
  • Hydrogen Fueling
  • Liquefied Gas Transfer
  • Missile Testing
  • Mixed Gas charging
  • Pressure Testing
  • Refrigerant Charging
  • Relief Valve Setting
  • Supercritical Extraction
  • Valve Actuation

Models & Specifications


AG – Single Acting Single Stage Gas Booster Models

Single Acting Single Stage AG boosters are the smallest and lightest with pressure capabilities up to 39,000 psi.


AGD – Single Stage Double Acting Gas Booster Models

Double Acting Single Stage “AGD” boosters pump twice the volume of a Single Acting, Single Stage Booster per cycle and require less air drive.


AGT Two Stage Gas Booster Models

Two-Stage “AGT” boosters provide efficient means of boosting to a high gas compression ratio since the ratio per stage is low.

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